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Every backcountry skier dreams of skiing the north face of Mt Blanc one day. Almost 3800m of vertical, starting from an altitude of 4810m! This is no easy summit, and it requires skiers to be well acclimatized and in great physical shape. These factors are the key to success.

Various options :

Ascent via the “3 MONTS route”

Starting from Chamonix, France, we ride the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi. The season for this ascent typically starts in April and finishes in early June. It involves spending one night at the Cosmiques mountain hut and an early morning alpine start for the climb of approximately 1400m positive vertical metres, between 3600m and 4810m. This route is technical and requires strong mountaineering skills, an excellent acclimatization and a good level of physicall fitness. Once skiers reach the summit of the Mt Blanc, the downhill route descends the north face of the mountain, and represents 3500m-3800m of vertical, depending on the snow line in the valley.

Open to skiers who meet the Gold Level ski requirements in the Peakpowder evaluation form. 2 day trips, with a maximum of 2 skiers per mountain guide.
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The Mt. Blanc ascent via l’Aiguille du Goûter is for those skiers seeking a rustic challenge, as no cable cars or ski lifts are used. Day 1 involves a 1700m vertical climb from the village of Bionnassay to reach the non-garded Tête Rousse mountain hut. Day 2 involves a vertical climb of 1600m, leaving the Tête Rousse mountain hut and climbing to the Mt. Blanc summit. From the summit at 4810m, skiers enjoy the downhill descent of 3500m-3800m that takes them down the north face towards Chamonix.
Open to skiers who meet the Gold Level ski requirements in the Peakpowder evaluation form. 2 day trips require skiers to be in excellent physical shape and ready for a demanding climb. Groups are limited to a maximum of 2 skiers per mountain guide.

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This is an option for passionate skiers who have little time! All you need is one free day and good weather. The ideal season for this heliski option is late March through to mid May. The day starts with a private transfer from Chamonix through the Mont Blanc tunnel to the heliport located in the Val Vény, Italy. Here, skiers hop aboard a helicopter and enjoy a beautiful panoramic flight that takes them to an altitude of 4000m, on the west side of the Mt. Blanc range and puts them down on the “Pitons des Italiens”. From this point, there is a 800m uphill vertical climb to reach the summit. From the Mont Blanc summit at 4810m, it is a challenging off-piste ski descent down the north face, with almost 3800m of vertical downhill.

Open to skiers who meet the Gold Level ski requirements in the Peakpowder evaluation form. 1 day ascent with helicopter drop, maximum 2 skiers per IFMGA mountain guide.
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This is a ski mountaineering course designed to acclimatize skiers intending to climb and ski Mt. Blanc. It goes over technical climbing skills, assesses skiing ability and sets the stage for the descent of the north face of the mountain.
Open to skiers who meet the Silver Level ski requirements in the Peakpowder evaluation form. This is a 6-day program which includes the ascent of the Mt Blanc and tits descent via the north face. A maximum of 4 skiers per course, with a 2 skiers per mountain guide ratio for the Mt. Blanc ascent.
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